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il RIAP bulletin è un notiziario trimestrale in lingua inglese del Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), un'organizzazione ufologica russa. La sua pubbicazione è iniziata nel 1994.

1. RIAP: Some Basic Data. 2. V. A. Buerakov. UFOs as Objects of Study by Terrestrial Physics. 3. A. V. Arkhipov. Astrodynamical Aspects of Paleovisitology.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Post-Soviet Ufology: A View from Inside. 2. V. I. Mazhuga. UFOs: A Possible Mechanism of Formation, Behavior and Environmental Impact. 3. A. V. Arkhipov. Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon: A Justification. 4. B. Haisch. Exploring the Frontiers in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Alternative Science? 2. N. V. Vasilyev. The Tunguska Meteorite: A Dead-Lock or the Start of a New Stage of Inquiry? Part I. 3. A. V. Arkhipov. An Extraterrestrial Artifact?

1. N. V. Vasilyev. The Tunguska Meteorite: A Dead-Lock or the Start of a New Stage of Inquiry? Part II. 2. A. V. Arkhipov. UFOs on the Moon.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Something in the Making. 2. L. M. Gindilis, Yu.K.Kolpakov. The Petrozavodsk Phenomenon.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Looking for the Facts. 2. P. K. Kozub et al. A Second UFO Landing on the River Mzha. 3. M. Granger, R. Dehon. Shadows on the Moon. 4. A. V. Arkhipov. Ruins on the Moon?

1. V. V. Rubtsov. The Problem of Paleovisits: A Knight at the Crossroads. 2. V. N. Fomenko. Information on the Results of Preliminary Study of the Black Ball as a Possible Extraterrestrial Artifact. 3. R. Collyns. Ancient Rock Poses a Mystery.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Some Pages from the History of the Paleovisit Idea. 2. N. A. Rynin, K. E. Tsiolkovsky, Y. I. Perelman. Is Interplanetary Travel Possible? 3. (Reprint from "Vestnik Znaniya", 1930, No. 4.) I. P. Moffett. Ancient E.T. Contact Source of the Dogon Astronomical Knowledge? 4. The Black Ball: a Few Words in Addition.

1. V. K. Zhuravlev. The Geomagnetic Effect of the Tunguska Explosion and the Technogeneous Hypothesis of the TSB Origin. 2. B. F. Bidyukov. The Thermoluminescent Imprint of the Tunguska Event. 3. G. F. Plekhanov, L. G. Plekhanova. On a Possible Ricochet of the Tunguska Meteorite. 4. N. V. Vasilyev. Alexey V. Zolotov: In Memoriam.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Soviet Ufology in its Human Dimensions. 2. Anonymous. A Shame and a Crime!

1. V. N. Fomenko. Investigations of the Glass Ball as a Supposedly Anomalous Object.. 2. V. V. Rubtsov. Tracking the Alien Astroengineers. 3. Y. N. Morozov. Did the Maori Know About the Ring of Jupiter? 4. R. S. Furduy. Gary Burgansky: In Memoriam.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. Science and Anomalistics. 2. V. N. Fomenko. The Vashka Find: Results of an Investigation. 3. S. V. Dozmorov. Some Anomalies of the Distribution of Rare Earth Elements at the 1908 Tunguska Explosion Site. 4. Y. N. Morozov. A Scientific Journal on Paleo-SETI.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. The Gist of the Matter. 2. Y. V. Platov, B. A. Sokolov. History of State-Directed UFO Research in the USSR. 3. R. F. Haines, F. Carter. RB-36H Navigator Describes 1956 Daytime UFO Close Encounter. 4. V. Menitskiy. A Pilot and a UFO. 5. M. Fedorovskiy. A New Book on Soviet Ufology.

1. V. V. Rubtsov. The Tunguska Problem: An Anomaly Par Excellence. 2. Y. G. Rychkov. A Possible Genetic Trace of the Tunguska Catastrophe of 1908? 3. D. V. Dyomin. On Some Peculiarities of the Energy-Generating Zone of the Tunguska Phenomenon of 1908. 4. V. K. Zhuravlev. The Problem of the Tunguska Meteorite in the Year 2000. 5. Dmitriy Dyomin: In Memoriam.

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