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Roger K. Leir

Roger K. Leir is a podiatrist and ufologist best known as an investigator of alien implants. Leir has appeared on TV and talk radio programs devoted to ufology.[1][2]



Leir says he's removed about a dozen implants from people's bodies and claims they are devices that "emit radio signals." Leir alleges that implants have moved by themselves during surgery as if to avoid removal. Leir says that laboratory testing of the implants imply they are of extraterrestrial origin.[3][4][5]


Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell says that the alleged implants appear to be ordinary objects such as shards of glass or fragments of metal that become lodged in arms, hands, legs and feet due to accidental falls or barefoot walking. Nickell says that Leir's associate Derrel Sims refused to cooperate when asked to provide a forensic medical institute with specimens or photos for analysis.[3]



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