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Sutkagan Dor (or Sutkagen Dor) is the westernmost known archaeological site of Indus Valley Civilization. It is located about 480 km west of Karachi on Makran coast near the Iran border in Baluchistan in Pakistan. This site is near the western bank of the Dasht and its confluence with a smaller stream, known as the Gajo Kaur.


Sutkagan Dor was discovered in 1875 by Major E. Mockler, who conducted a small excavation here. In 1928, Aurel Stein came here as a part of his Gedrosia tour and conducted a small excavation. This site was excavated by George F. Dales from October 7 through 20, 1960 as a part of his Makran Survey.[1]


This site measures approximately 4.5 hectares. Along with the usual "citadel" and "lower town", a massive fortification wall of semi-dressed stones exists. This citadel wall varies in height and thickness due to the irregular contours of the natural rock foundation, but at one point about midway along the eastern wall, it is approximately 7.5 m thick at the base. The inner face of the wall is slightly battered, whereas the outer face has a decided slope, vary- ing from 23° to 40°. Though inland at present, this site may have been near navigable water in ancient times and on a trade route between other centers.

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