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Richard DeWitt Miller (1910-1958) was a writer on psychical research and parapsychology. Born January 22, 1910, in Los Angeles, California, he was educated at the University of Southern california (B.A., 1933). In 1937 he married Ellora Fogle Miller. A freelance writer, Miller contributed many articles to Coronet, Esquire, Pageant, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Tomorrow, and Life.

Many of his writings were concerned with paranormal topics, and he contributed the regular features "Your Other Life," "Forgotten Mysteries," and "Not of Our Species" to Coronet magazine. He contributed to the anthology Beyond the Five Senses, edited by Eileen J. Garrett (1957). He wrote two books and several articles with his wife. He died June 3, 1958.


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——. Reincarnation. N.p., 1956.

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——. You Do Take It with You. New York: Citadel Press, 1955.

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