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John Rhodes

John Rhodes was raised and educated in many exotic areas of the world. He received his primary education in Malaysia, Singapore, and England, with further undergraduate studies in the United States.

While residing in Asia, John’s curiosity in the local environment’s reptile population led to a serious, herpetological study that eventually encompassed additional scientific disciplines such as anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, biology, and the actual field work that accompany these various branches of science.

John’s vast accumulation of scientific knowledge, acquired through the guidance of some of the world’s leading scientists (specialists), and his pioneering work searching for strange, unknown animals have made him one of the most popular researchers and lecturers worldwide. The British scientific community today recognizes John Rhodes as one of the world’s leading authorities on reptilian cryptids.

His many authored articles, reviews, and technical reports for newsletters and private publications have been distributed internationally. Numerous authors cite to his research in support of their conspiratorial beliefs.

John has discussed his discoveries on radio shows, several television shows, and in lectures to numerous national and international UFO conference audiences (partial listing).

John Rhodes currently resides near Mariposa-Midpines CA, just south of the Yosemite National Park.


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